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1951 completely original large sized gentleman’s vintage Breitling chronograph.


  • Model number 1191
  • Serial number 7792521
  • Stamped: Waterproof, Antimagnetic, Shock-Protected, Swiss.
  • Caliber: Venus calibre 188
  • 17 jewels
  • Thirty minute register
  • All Original


For the collector, a better dial for investment couldn’t be found. This is a very lightly silvered French white item, its overall colour just having mellowed almost imperceptibly into a warm creamy shade. Around the dial outer edge is a tachymetre scale inside which is a single seconds track. Both of these scales, and indeed all the printing on the dial, is crystal clear and not in the least bit rubbed or worn. Above the dial centre point is the signature “Breitling” and at the very bottom of the dial is stated “Swiss Made”.

The very distinctive “Y” shaped bridge of this movement is signed “Breitling”, which is actually quite unusual. The majority of Breitlings at this time used unsigned movements, and I do like the security of this stamping. Next to the regulator is the Venus star emblem, together with the “188” calibre number.


This is an incredibly original, very attractive vintage chronograph by one of the most passionately collected of all the grand Swiss houses, and as such, can only ever increase in value in the future, while at the same time being a pleasure to enjoy on one’s wrist.


Breitling Chronograph 1951

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